we understand brand loyalty and what it means to put your trust in a product.  while the list of brands we carry is constantly changing, we have highlighted a few of our favorites below.  if you are looking for something specific, please contact us.  chances are we can get it for you.

Q-sys systems

q-sys is a networked-based av distribution and control system by qsc.  this is our favorite ecosystem to use in commercial settings because it provides amazing flexibility, quality, and reliability while seamlessly integrating into the existing network.  fully customizable control interfaces also allow us to tailor the user experience to our client's exact needs.

ld systems

when it comes to bang for your buck, ld systems can not be beat.  these speakers blow the competition out of the water and carry a lower price tag.  the maui lm44 was our introduction to this brand and it remains our favorite column speaker to this day.

allen & heath

across their entire product range allen & heath always seems to offer more features at a lower price than their competitors.  their sq line in particular have taken the compact digital console market by storm and blown the x-32 and m-32 away.

ma lighting

the grand ma line of consoles are easily the most popular in the industry.  from world tours to local venues, it's almost impossible to see a live show and not see one of these babies at foh.

hog lighting

hog consoles are insanely popular for theatre spaces.  their extensive list of features and lower price point also make them a popular option for many smaller venues and production companies.

martin lighting

martin makes some of the most widely recognized and requested moving head fixtures in the world.  offering everything from the dj-level rush series to the tour-dominating viper, you can never go wrong with these.

sales, system design & integration

our process involves 5 key phases

we dive into your project and learn everything we can about the space and how you envision interacting with it.

we draw up our proposed design and then work with you to find the perfect balance of function and budget.

we bring our design to life.  for new builds or renovations this will often involve coordinating with other trades to make sure everything is done on schedule.

we sit down with you and your team and show you the ins and outs of operating your new system.

we understand that you rely on this system and unexpected issues can be a major problem.  we offer tailored maintenance plans to ensure your system is always up to date and that potential issues are caught and addressed before they cause problems.