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Smart Homes/Home Theaters

Not just for the ultra-wealthy

  1. CONSULTATION - We sit down with you and get a feel for what you're trying to accomplish instead of just throwing out preconfigured systems.
  2. CUSTOM PACKAGES - Not everyone is looking to do the same thing or even use the same hardware to accomplish a smart home.  That's why every package is customized to you and your preferences.
  3. TRAINING - After we've got you all set up, we sit down and show you how to use all your new toys.  It's your home and we want to make sure you are comfortable in it.


No matter your business, we can take you to the next level

  1. CONSULATION - Before we know what will suit your company, we must determine what your spaces need.  A hands on site survey means we're asking what your goals are and how you'd like them implemented.
  2. EXPERIENCE - With backgrounds in a wide variety of fields (IT, Audio, Lighting, Security), there's nothing we can't install in your new building or add to your existing infrastructure.
  3. MAINTENANCE - We're all about creating a relationship, and that means standing by the work we do.  We pledge to maintain all installed equipment and upgrade as your company continues to grow.

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