LD Systems Maui 44

The LD Systems Maui44: Do you know love at first sound? Because let us tell you, its tough not to fall in love with the LD Systems Maui 44 the first time you hear them. An amazingly compact full range PA column, the Maui 44 may well be the easiest setup for the non tech savvy user. Made up of two sticks and a subwoofer for a base, the connections only fit in one arrangement of these modules, making setup quick and simple. Complete with combo XLR/TRS jacks as well as RCAs, DJs and solo musicians can plug and play, getting the show running at their pace. The full column can run at a constant 1600W and a peak SPL of 129 dB (about the noise level of a snowmobile), meaning these innocent looking sticks can knock your proverbial socks off. Maui 44s will be our go to for DJ and bar band, hopefully you’ll consider them, too.

American DJ 5P Hex

The ADJ 5P Hex: Don’t worry; these aren’t designed to put a hex on your event. The ADJ 5P Hex, a surprisingly powerful piece of equipment, gives you more than enough punch to uplight any venue. We say surprising, because it uses less wattage than the lightbulbs in your bathroom. While using only about 50 watts per fixture sounds low, the brightness can affect even rooms flooded with daylight. A key feature we love about this tiny, tenacious, transmitter of Technicolor is its power-pass-through. The 5P Hex was designed to chain up to 8 fixtures together from one power outlet, which means no matter how limited power may be at a venue, we’ve got you covered. With full spectrum color mixing, these fixtures are excellent uplights capable of beautiful tones customized just for you (including UV for those of you who enjoy a little glow in the dark fun). It may be tiny, but the 5P Hex sure gets the job done with gusto.

Don’t forget to ask about custom coloring on masking for your uplights.

JBL SRX800 Series

Are you ready to rumble with very little grumble? Allow us to introduce you to the JBL SRX800 series. The masterminds over at JBL have delivered the powered speaker rig perfect for intimate settings. The 15” Two-Way speaker alone has a max SPL output of 137dB. If you’re not sure what that means, a gunshot is approximately 133 dB. What we’re saying is these bricks get loud. The 18” Subwoofer has a frequency range starting as low as 29 Hz. Throw two subs and two tops together and you’re ready to rock and roll. The beauty of these boxes is the ability for complete control on your technician’s side of things. The LCD screens on the back allow for customizable audio work, and JBL’s HiQnet control provides another option in tuning up the system. The Apollo crew loves playing with these blissful boxes of sound, and we’re pretty sure you will, too.

Behringer X32

The bar is dark and full of terrors, but your sound engineer needn’t be afraid. With a Behringer X32 under their fingers and fox like ears, a cunning sound technician will make quick work of any issues. One of the most widely used digital consoles on the market today; the X32 features preamps from MIDAS, motorized faders and 40 processing channels. If you’re feeling frisky, we can even do recording via USB. But wait! There’s more! Much more, if you enjoy free range technicians. With a tablet in hand and the proper app, your sound tech is free to roam the room and make all necessary adjustments. If you’re a stickler for your monitor mix, it means you can do it all from your lyrics tablet. The Behringer X32: a treasure, a resource, and probably your new go to console.

CAD Audio E19

Oh what a treat for a hot summer day, the CAD Audio E19. We ran into these guys at Summer NAMM, and they were awesome enough to send us the E19 to test out. This Earworn Mic is the Klondike Bar of production microphones, and everyone should be doing whatever they can to have one. An Omni Directional condenser, with a frequency response from 20Hz – 20kHz, the E19 is magnificent, requiring minimal tinkering, EQ-wise, on our test system. Compared to any Earworn Countryman, we’d take the E19 everyday. It’s a better price point and a higher quality. The headset is designed with a detachable cable for switching through numerous brands of wireless transmitter. It conforms comfortably with the wearer’s ear, and the material it’s made with is tacky enough to hold the mic absolutely still, even while head-banging, but not so tacky as to irritate the wearers sensibilities. Go out and request these on your next gig, you won’t be disappointed.

Elation Level Q7

The Elation Q7, what a cutie, amirite or amirite? But fo reals, we are in love with these little turtles. The Level Q7 is made to take a beating, which means even in your roughest event, these lights ain’t goin out on ya. With seven 15 watt LED light sources, and RGBW color mixing, we can create almost any color you could ask for, and even some you never would. The power this miniature sun can pump out would blind any unsuspecting thieves who would dare disturb them from their placement. We use these everywhere, from dance floor wash to extra, high-powered uplighting. Power wise, these are so efficient we can chain quite a few together, and maintain a flicker free performance. Coverage isn’t an issue: these will flood the room and bring to light everything in the shadows, so evil doers beware. We love them, and we know you will, too.

Martin RUSH MH-1 Profile Plus

Let’s talk turkey, or more appropriately turning. The RUSH MH-1 Profile Plus is one cool mama equipped to keep it nice and cool and quiet so as not to provide any extra whining; we’ll leave that to the kids. Why would I lead with how quiet this mechanical wonder is? Because it only gets better from there. Let’s talk about how bright this miniature sun gets: we’re talking 7100 lumens of output. What’s a lumen? If you gathered up about 7100 candles, lit them all and tried to focus that much light into a particular area, that’s how much illumination this precious ball of energy pushes through it’s body. The Profile Plus is loaded up with two color wheels, two gobo wheels, and plenty of special effects (We know how much you enjoy strobe lights). We love this little gizmo, and once you’ve given it a go round, we bet you’ll love it, too.


From the makers of every conventional light installed in the theater near you, we here at Apollo would like to present you with the ETC ION. There’s not much this beautiful hunk of technology can’t handle when it comes to fully realizing the illuminations of your machinations. Be forewarned, this console is not for the faint of heart. The ION requires a professional to make it sing properly, but that’s the best news in the world for your events: a professional event deserves a professional board, and that’s what you get when using a titan of the lighting world. This majestic beast sports at least 1,024 outputs, 16,000 channels, 10,000 cues, two DMX-512 ports, the ability to connect multiple touch screen monitors, and fully customizable magic sheets. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry; Team Apollo is here to help you make sense of it all.